Corporate Training

For the corporate requirements, we'll be happy to conduct the algo strategy training. 

We have already presented on various platforms/webinars about algo strategy development requirements.

If there are some requirements at your corporate level, we will be happy to plan and conduct training as per the requirements.

Based on the audience/participants' requirements, we may go for a high-level or very deep dive into it.

We prefer to conduct on-site training.

Individual Training/Mentorship
We do have long-term courses to cater to the individual. It starts with basics and goes deep dive into the subject. Algo Trading mentorship is a comprehensive training program in algorithmic trading.

  • Understand the basics of trading
  • Understand different asset classes
  • Understand price action
  • Understand technical indicators/oscillators
  • Plan simple strategies
  • Understand the basics of Algo trading
  • Understand the advantages of Algo trading
  • Understand the drawbacks of algorithmic trading
  • Explore different Algo trading methodologies
  • Understanding basics of coding
  • Basic trading using excel sheet for system trading.
  • Basics of python
  • Basics of pine
  • Learn practical methods to create trading strategies in Algo software
  • Learn how to use the best software for algorithm trading
  • Understand how to create a program and execute orders in different market traders
  • Learn how to create different trading strategies
  • Understand Risk Management in Algorithmic Trading.
  • Master Algorithmic Trading
  • Logging
  • Debugging
  • Reporting

  • Slow pace and Long-term course so that you can learn easily
  • Comprehensive theoretical knowledge
  • Practical training in live trading software